Promo Codes are also only valid for items whose prices can be found listed on our website.  Any quantity of product that requires a direct quotation already has our best prices built in and the promo codes cannot be used.

Promo Codes provided during sales directly on our site are only valid during the period of time listed, either by specific date range or time.  We cannot apply promocodes to orders outside of the given date range.

Promo Codes for our products are also obtained through marketing campaigns we have through various magazines, websites, sporting affiliations and more.  Due to the nature of these relationships we are unable to provide these in any other way than directly from those advertisements.  We cannot disclose who or what those program are as well.  please do not call us and ask for this information.  This allows us to track the effectiveness of our expenditures on these marketing programs.

Thank you for your understanding, please contact us with other questions.