Many people have asked where the name Get RungTM  came from.   The slogan from our  first company, Custom Doorbell www.customdoorbell.com, is "Have Your Bell Rung with Style!"TM Having that, our toll free number was 866.GET.RUNG.  We needed a second website to host additional tools and we grabbed this site as it just seemed logical.  Oh yes, forgot about the license plate...

Get Rung LLC was formed in 2003 after addressing a need for our first company.  We were in need of flooring for our own trade show booth and after obtaining some and seeing a need for better distribution for it, we began sourcing it and selling it.  After about a year and a half we became the largest independent reseller of this type of flooring in North America.  One year later we began having our own branded product manufactured and that is what you find with us today.  


The advantages of our product and working with us are many.  First of all, if you need more matching product in the future, you have a source.  Most interlocking mats do not connect with each other, causing major headaches for people trying to match something they bought on clearance or at a discount house.  We will always carry matching product and we will be around for your future needs.

Secondly, you have a live person to contact to talk about the products.  We are here to support our customers, just makes sense.  If not for our customers, we wouldn't be here.  Call us for any reason and if we don't have the answer, we'll find it!

And last, but certainly not least, pricing.  As we are the manufacturer of these mats, we offer you direct from the manufacturer pricing.  On large orders, we can get our prices so low that even those large Mart-type stores would cry!

Basically, our company is focused solely on this one mat product, interlocking foam mats.  We spent the first 2.5 years with only gray 3/8" product.  We then launched the multi-color, added single colors, then developed the MMA 1" mats...which have taken the market by storm...and the we launched the Premium Carpet Topped mats...sure to be a winner too!  But we hold true to our product.  This is our focus and we strive to be the best at delivering a high quality product to you, providing great customer service, and getting your solution to you in the timeframe you need it.

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Also, we manage Velocerate Ventures, a business consulting firm dedicated to the individual or small company trying to navigate through the growing pains, product development, sourcing, and more, with limited places to turn.  We've taken all of our experiences and put them out there to help others.  Check out the site and see if we can help you grow your own independence.

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Thanks for browsing our site, please contact us with any questions.

Sean M. Smith
Get Rung, LLC